Industrial Solutions

Public security

Public Security

The ZT-3VS drone can be used in Public Security and Area Patrol, Emergency Rescue, Accident Investigation, Criminal Search, Road Monitoring. The aeriel patrol system ‘Eye in the sky’ is composed of ground station system, UAV flight platform, compatible payload system, it cooperates with police remote control center and national criminal database to achieve facial recognition, helping security to lock and arrest suspects. It minimizes the risk of putting person in dangerous environment.
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Military service/armed police use

Military Service/Armed Police Use

UAV has become the important equipment in many fields including national defense. ZT-3VS is for light reconnaissance mission, with AI technology, drone can automatic recognize and track the personnel or vehicle. Along with the movement of the objective, ZT-3VS will follow the objective to anywhere without route planning. It saves time when do task and avoid complex route planning process. This innovative technology brings aircraft industry better fit into practical needs.
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Surveying and mapping

Surveying and Mapping

UAV surveying and mapping can be widely applied in engineering construction, emergency and disaster management, homeland surveillance, resource development, especially in the area of basic surveying, land survey and monitoring. All Zerotech drone are compatible with Phase One ixm series camera, Phase One RS series Lens, Sony Alpha 7R series camera and Zerotech tilt camera.
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Forest fire fighting

Forest Fire Fighting

The forest fire happens many times. To put off forest fire, we need manpower, material and financial resources. Forest fire causes great damage to forest resources and ecological environment. Long-range inspection is required by Wildland Fire Office, electric powered VTOL drone is the most safe way of completing this task. ZT-3VS can discover fire-raising spot rapidly, it provides an effective way of remedial treatments.
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Petroleum inspection

Petroleum Inspection

Oil pipelines run thousands of kilometers long. Pipelines go through complex terrain, such as rivers, canyons, mountains, etc. Pipeline leakage is the main problems occurred every year. Manual inspection is very difficult for long-term inspection task and bad weather condition. Drone-based Inspection has huge advantages of high efficiency and less investment to provide pipeline monitoring services. Zerptech drone are responsible for long range inspection of Pipeline, offshore oil platform, drilling.
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Environmental protection

Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has stepped up its environmental monitoring efforts. Many polluting enterprises is still using various means to evade and resist from supervisor, it makes environmental protection work facing various difficulties. With the innovative application of UAV in the field of environmental protection, UAV is becoming EPD’s method to execute the regulation of environmental protection.
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Maritime affairs

Maritime Affairs

Fishing disputes, illegal smuggling, sea pollution, boat capsizing quite often occurred. Ministry of maritime affairs used to searching field with ship. It takes a longer time to execute it. ZT-3V has the ability to takeoff and landing under strong breeze or heavy rain, this feature enables marine police to accomplish maritime management.
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Electric power

Electric Power

With the expansion of power grid, the inspection work is becoming important in this field. Traditional manual inspection requested inspector to climb over mountains to check the status of overhead power line, it may causes low efficiency, high risk of operation and high operating cost; the existence of UAV and its application replace human workload.
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Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Three big water problems of flood, drought and water shortage, water environmental pollution restrict the development of national economy. There are many difficulties in traditional manual monitoring of wide water surface, long river channel, reservoir. UAVs can carry out high-efficiency monitoring of water conservancy projects and coastal environmental pollution.
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