• Inspection Solutions
    Aerial Power Lines Inspection. Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection. Environmental supervision. Aerial Forest Firefighting

Case Study

Mountain area oil platform inspection
Mountain Area Oil Platform Inspection
Oil platform inspection carried in two operation spot of a certain oil drilling field. Daily pipeline inspection can be reach to 513.6 km, the area including drilling, measures and construction site. The construction and operation site is being monitored all night;It has been found that many criminals tried to steal oil. UAV took the picture of scene and give an emergency alert to police, reduced the loss of enterprise.
Oil pipeline inspection in shandong province
Oil Pipeline Inspection in Shandong Province
UAV completes oil pipeline inspection in Shandong Province,it covers a general oil pipeline inspection and measurement of 356km. It conducted detailed investigation of the actual situation of 500 meters around the pipeline. Meanwhile it checked 1000 meters around the 26 highlighted area pipelines, thus put an end to unauthorized pipelines building and ensure the safety of pipeline transportation.
Aerial solution for sewage discharges
Aerial Solution for Sewage Discharges
Since the end of last year, environmental protection bureau of one city has used our drone and conducted inspections near 6,000 square kilometers. The image shows that the sewage discharges of a river has been reported by ZT-3V.
  • Offshore Oil Platform Inspection

    The offshore platforms are basically far from the coast , long range flying drone will be the best for inspection task. It can complete routine inspections of dozens of satellite platforms over 20 kilometers by one single flight. In this aspect, Drone-based Inspection greatly improving the efficiency of inspection and ensuring the personal safety of the employees who stationed on the platform.

  • Pipeline Construction Inspection

  • Environmental Pollution Control

Aerial Inspection Solutions

Aerial Inspection Solutions

It can carry out the Offshore Oil platform patrolling on a moving ship. VTOL Hybrid Fixed wing layout empowers 125km per hour cruising speed, against high-speed wind.

Aerial Inspection Solutions
1cm high accuracy positioning is supported by RTK/PPK. Three sets of sensors and algorithms independently operated and be backup for the rest.
Aerial Inspection Solutions
Portable and highly integrated ground station is a touchable terminal for remote control.
Schematic diagram of the inspection plan

Schematic diagram of the inspection plan

The Benefits of Solutions

  • Widely applicable

    There is no need of special runway and ejection device. It can vertically take off and landing. The application range is wider;
  • Flexible

    Surveying and mapping of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has obvious advantages especially in large scale /small areas;
  • Good expansibility

    The task load is modularized. The special task load module can be selected according to the demand of the task. The expansion is flexible, professional and convenience;
  • High-efficiency and intelligence

    It needs 10-minute take-off preparation. The mission route is autonomously planned. It can autonomously take off, operate, return and landing, with high efficiency and intelligence;
  • Accuracy

    RTK real-time differential positioning technology is applied, which has cm-level positional accuracy. The collected data is precise and accurate, which possess attitude data of the aircraft. The re-usability of data in the later stage is better;
  • High cost performance

    It used the safety guarantee of over three degrees. The emergency guarantee is complete, safe and reliable; it is researched and developed independently, so the later update and upgrade are guaranteed. The multiplexing value of the system is high. It can be used for a long term once being put into practice;