• Security and Insurance Solution
    Applicable to Forests firefighting · Public Safety · Terrorist Incidents · Criminal Justice · Maritime Supervision

Case Study

Collecting criminal evidence via infrared light camera

Collecting Criminal Evidence Via Infrared Light Camera

People’s Armed Police Force in TongRen City uses the ZT-3V UAS to conduct whole process investigation and to collect criminal evidence or activities concealed in the mountain. With three-axis 30x zoom camera and the infrared light payload, it can carry out the silent monitoring from a long distance away.
Forest fire patrol in sichuan

Forest Fire Patrol in Sichuan

Total 689 local firefighters in the 3,000 meters-high virgin forest has been assigned to Sichuan firefighting. The data link of the drone adapted to a communication relay station to extend area signal range for the entire mountain long endurance Inspection.
Pudong expressway accident contingency command

Pudong Expressway Accident Contingency Command

UAVs in the Pudong Expressway in daily patrol, while also equipped with emergency incident handling tasks. Discover the accident, and judge the scene accident situation quickly, exert the scene altitude command, dispatch the police force, response rapidly.The rear command is more efficient after every detail in the scene of the accident is delivered in real-time by UAVs.
  • Application in Searching and Arresting the Suspects

    Compared with human search, UAV can shorten the time of search, improve the efficiency of tracking criminal. If the target moves or escapes to a crowd, AI technology module will allow UAV follow the target and automatic change the flying direction without repeated route planning.

  • Application in Key Area Patrol

  • Application in Highway Patrol

Security Solutions

Security solutions

8kg weight Ultra light UAV allows 90 minutes above long endurance flight mission;

featured with 1.5 kg 3-axis gimbal payload and AI module to accomplish vehicle detection and tracking.

Security solutions
It has 30 km long distance transmission capability, support Three-in-One (Voice, Image and Information) data transmission. With a communication relay station, signal can be extended for a large area.
Security solutions
User-friendly Ground Station has the ability to carry out automatic route planning via IPAD/Laptop.
Schematic diagram of the security and protection plan

Schematic diagram of the security and protection plan

The Benefits of The Solution

  • Wide application

    There is no need of special runway and ejection device. It can realize vertical take-off and landing. The application range is wide
  • Mobile and flexibility

    It has the design of modular body, which is easy to be carried. It can independently take off and easily to be operated with quick response
  • Good expansibility

    The task load is modularized. The special task load module can be selected according to the demand of the task. The expansion is flexible, professional and convenient
  • High-efficiency and intelligence

    It needs 10-minute take-off preparation. The mission route is autonomously planned. It can autonomously take off, operate, return and land in, with high efficiency and intelligence
  • Elaboration and accuracy

    RTK real-time differential positioning technology is used, which has cm-level positioning accuracy. The collected data is precise and accurate, which fuses the attitude data of the aircraft. The re-usability of data in the later stage is better
  • High cost performance

    It used the safety guarantee of triplex redundancy autopilot. The emergency guarantee is complete, safe and reliable; it is researched and developed independently, so the later update and upgrade are guaranteed. The multiplexing value of the system is high. It can be used for a long term once being put into practice