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Case Study

The first surveying and mapping data of senkaku island
The First Surveying and Mapping Data of Senkaku Island
In 2010, ZEROTECH collected 3D stereo image data of the entire 3.91 square kilometers Senkaku Islands, adopted electric vertical take-off and landing function with Sony SLR camera . All the data in this island is recorded and transferred back to military side. This surveying and mapping helps military and government successfully identify the territorial integrity of the country.
The first aerial survey image after the yushu earthquake
The First Aerial Survey Image After The Yushu Earthquake
The 2010 Yushu earthquake causes huge damage and destruction of properties, ZEROTECH brought UAV to the scene to collect data of Yushu area and provided basic map data for rescue works. UAV efficiently complete the emergency searching operation.
Forestry surveying projects in inner mongolia
Forestry Surveying Projects in Inner Mongolia
1:1000 high-precision surveying project for 130 square kilometers,Zerotech UAV completed all aerial photography data acquisition work within 4 days. Rceive a compliment from the customer.
  • Application in the Mining Industry

    A mining place always contains tons of building materials such as rock, sand or different metallic or carboniferous minerals. It is dangerous and time-consuming for the operator to carry out surveys in these places. Surveying by drone is very efficient and it is capable of measuring all these items and carrying out surveys.

  • Application in Land Survey

  • Application in Urban Planning

Surveying Solutions

Surveying solutions

8kg Ultra light VTOL UAV is compatible with 3-axis gimbal camera that enables a stabilized imaging possibility. It can carry orthophoto full-frame interchangeable lens cameras, full-frame five-lens cameras and Phase One professional aerial cameras.

Surveying solutions
5-lens camera is also called Oblique Photography Camera as it takes photo from five angles for one spot. It carries the benefits of the clearer view of detail on the ground.
Surveying solutions
User-friendly Ground Station has the ability to carry out automatic route planning via IPAD/Laptop.
Schematic diagram of the surveying and mapping plan

Schematic diagram of the surveying and mapping plan

The Benefits of Solutions

  • Widely applicable

    There is no need of special runway and ejection device. It can vertically take off and landing. The application range is wider
  • Mobile and flexibility

    It has the design of modular body, which is easy to be carried. It can independently take off and easily to be operated with quick response;
  • Good expansibility

    The task load is modularized. The special task load module can be selected according to the demand of the task. The expansion is flexible, professional and convenience;
  • High-efficiency and intelligence

    It needs 10-minute take-off preparation. The mission route is autonomously planned. It can autonomously take off, operate, return and landing, with high efficiency and intelligence;
  • Elaboration and accuracy

    RTK real-time differential positioning technology is used, which has cm-level positioning accuracy. The collected data is precise and accurate, which fuses the attitude data of the aircraft. The re-usability of data in the later stage is better;
  • High cost performance

    It used the safety guarantee of over three degrees. The emergency guarantee is complete, safe and reliable; it is researched and developed independently, so the later update and upgrade are guaranteed. The multiplexing value of the system is high. It can be used for a long term once being put into practice;