• 10-Years military techniques foundation

    10-Years Military Techniques Foundation

    The company R & D team from Tsinghua University has been developed core
    techniques and its research of flight controller for 10 years; The accumulative
    R & D investment has exceeded RMB 200 million,the team has experienced over
    thousand of algorithms iterations process, successfully deliver over 10 thousands market test.

  • Innovation of all time

    Innovation of All Time

    We continually create the industry-leading drone product including smart chip,
    high definition image transmission. We are also the earliest to implement machine
    vision system,triple redundant autopilot of fixed-wing aircraft.

  • 300 patent owners

    300 Patent Owners

    The R & D team has applied over 500 intellectual property rights,
    nearly 300 have been authorized. The numbers of owned intellectual
    property rights rank fifth among world’s drone industry which fully cover
    UAV related key technology sectors.

  • Establish UAV industry standard

    Establish UAV Industry Standard

    Participate in the drafting of drone field regulations,standard of the Ministry of Industry,
    as well as the construction of civil aviation and air- control UAV supervision platform.

Achivements Exhibition

Achivements exhibition
2018 GUSC organizing Committee Annual Contribution Award
Achivements exhibition
Patent Bar Exam Certificate of Year 2017
Achivements exhibition
Best of Products Award 2016 of China High Tech Fair
Achivements exhibition
2018 Beijing Patent Drafting competition 2nd prize
Achivements exhibition
Flight Controller Patents
Achivements exhibition
Patent Certificate
Achivements exhibition
Zerotech Business license(2016-2036)