• Launched the UAV Reporting Strategy with People.com and Qualcomm in Beijing. The three parties jointly found the "National Team" for UAV News Reporting

  • Raised USD22.5 million in funding from Qualcomm Ventures and others

  • Entered the global consumer market with its launch of the pocket selfie drone,DOBBY


  • Started to apply intelligent mobile chips to drone products

  • Began partnership with Qualcomm in researching and developing drones based on intelligent chips

  • Launched the groundbreaking “ZEROTIME-ZT3024” ultra-low time-delay full HD digital video transmission system


  • Participated in TV show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad’ and several movies and documentaries.


  • Launched GEMINI, the dual-redundant multi-rotor flight controller,which obtained China’s national patent certification


  • Recognized as the National High-tech Enterprise in China


  • The YS09 fixed wing flight controller and the YUYAN drone recognized as the popular choices on the purchase and supply list of the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping throughout China.


  • Launched its first fixed-wing UAV BLUE WING.

  • Founded R&D team.