Easy to use 3-in-1 remote control

The 2.4GHz dual transmission remote control is designed especially for the GUARDIAN series. With the 3-in-1 remote, you can initiate take-off, landing and the return flight with the click of a button. You may also set patrol routes for the UAV on plotted land directly with the remote.

Modular design for simple maintenance

The GUARDIAN-Z10 has a modular design to allow for the quick removal and replacement of parts including jib-arms, the motor and the ESC. This makes disassembly, replacement and maintenance and easier and more affordable.

Portable, spherical body design

The GUARDIAN-Z10’s jib-arms have a transverse, foldable design and a compact structure. When jib-arms are folded, the UAV has a compact, portable spherical shape. This greatly reduces the need for transportation tools or accessories and makes it usable in a wide variety of working environments.

Unique dual filter design, durable nozzles

To reduce blockages in the nozzles from pesticide impurities and insoluble particles, the GUARDIAN is designed with a unique dual filter. Additional filters create greater protection, making the durable nozzles last even longer.

Thoughtfully designed accessories great for use in a variety of working environments

Nozzles: The GUARDIAN comes with multiple nozzle heads of differing sizes that can be used for pesticides that are water soluble, oil based, powdered and more. The GUARDIAN’s nozzles are suitable for the majority of crop spraying uses.
Pesticide drum: The GUARDIAN is equipped with multiple pesticide drums with a quick release design. While one drum is in use, the UAV simultaneously prepares the next drum, reducing the time between drum switching. There’s no need to clean the drums before filling them with new pesticides, increasing efficiency.

High operational efficiency with a cross-shaped body structure

The GUARDIAN has a cross-shaped four-axis structural design ideally suited to crop spraying. The GUARDIAN avoids spray duplication on the same areas and has a wide spraying range, making crop spraying even and effective. With a rated load of 10kg, the surface area covered in one trip is approximately 2.5 acres. It has ten times the working efficiency of artificial sprayers.

A more reliable design for a longer lasting product

With the reliability and stability of ZEROTECH’s GEMINI flight control system, the GUARDIAN-Z10’s central board also has an integrated design. The airframe is made of nylon, carbon fibre and other composites. This means it has industrial strength waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion capabilities which effectively blocks liquid produced by the spray from entering the UAV. With a high level of resilience, the GUARDIAN adapts to harsh working environments and has a long lifespan. After spraying, you can use water to clean the central board.

Exclusive agricultural app, precision control

The GUARDIAN-Z10’s custom app is tailor-made for those in the agricultural sector*. Equipped with a route memory function, users can design setup routes over irregular plots of land. The app calculates the surface area of spraying and has a “spraying breakpoint continuation” method, to ensure that no areas are left untreated. With the app, improving precision and efficiency in pesticide use is simple.
*The app will be available for download on ZEROTECH website soon.

Product Display


    A UAV that works the land

    The GUARDIAN-Z10 is an efficient, economical, safe UAV tailor-made for the agricultural sector and the first of ZEROTECH’s GUARDIAN product series to enter the agricultural UAV market.

    The GUARDIAN-Z10’s 3-in-1 remote control, modular maintenance design, portable, spherical body design, unique dual filter, quick release pesticide drum and multiple nozzle heads make it durable and easy to use.