SMART Turnkey Solution

Connect to the future with ZEROTECH

SMART is a UAV turnkey solution based on a high caliber integrated chip processor.


SMART is a UAV turnkey solution based on a high caliber integrated chip processor. Equipped with SMART, ZEROTECH drones are smaller, safer and smarter than ever. Enabling high computing speeds and intelligent features, SMART helps ZEROTECH make smart drone technologies available to everyone.

  • 4K Image Recording
  • Optic Flow and Ultrasonic Positioning
  • Video Image Stabilization
  • Binocular depth calculation
  • FOLLOW SNAP (Smart visual tracking)
  • Automatic Obstacle Avoidance


  • 2015.1

    ZEROTECH Startup the UAV Integrated Solution Project Based on Mobile Phone Chips.

  • 2015.6

    ZEROTECH Issues the UAV Integrated Solution in a Low Key, Propose Revolutionary Idea to the UAV Solution Designed by Mobile Phone Chips.

  • 2015.8

    ZEROTECH Has Completed the Smart UAV Key Technology Transplant from STM 32 Framework to Mobile Phone Chips, Became the First Company Realize Autonomous Flight Based on the UAV Design Solution of Mobile Phone Chips.

  • 2015.9

    ZEROTECH Announces the SMART Solution has Entered the Comprehensive Promotion Stage, which is Concerned by the Industry.

  • 2015.10

    ZEROTECH Attends the Qualcomm IoE DAY2015 Conference, Taking the SMART Solution and the Model UAV which are Highly Praised.

SMART Product


    Connect to the future with ZEROTECH

    ZEROTECH owns core technology in fixed wing, multi-copter, and helicopter type drones. They also developed the technology behind their flight controller, gimbal, HD video transmitter, CV, binocular, video stabilization, and drone key. By combining their mobile chips and drone technology, ZEROTECH has launched SMART Turnkey Solution which makes drones more intelligent.