Q: Where is company located?

A: Our company is founded on 2007 and we are located in Beijing, China

Q: Is ZEROTECH a manufacture company?

A: Yes, we produce unmanned aerial aircraft and its flight control system, our technologies and model design are directly from the members of Tsinghua University. Over 20 talents in R&D team who have Tsinghua University gene contributes highly integrated aircraft to make sure the safe flight.

Q: What is the price of ZT-3V, ZT-3Vs and ZT-30V and where I can buy them?

A: As above aircrafts are designed for industrial application (including Asset/Platform Inspection/land surveying and mapping), you may only contact to our sales team for best quotation. Distributor@zerotech.com. You may also find our products in several distributor partners/ agencies.

Q: Where I can get full information of all products and its parameters?

A: Please download Company Product Brochure in download areas.

Q: How many employees does ZEROTECH Have?

A: We have around 150 staff in headquarter office.

Q: What are the products from ZEROTECH?

A: In general saying, currently we have two products line. One is for fixed-wing UAV and its control systems, another one is for drone light show and its control systems. Dobby pocket drone was the best sellers in America and Europe in 2017.

Q: What is included with the drone?

A: Payload pod with touch ground terminal, autopilot, long-distance data link.

Q: What is the flight endurance?

A: ZT-3V can last 90 minutes, Zt-30V can last 8 hours, ZT-Z12 can last 70 minutes.

Q: What is the maximum payload weight?

A: The payload of ZT-3V is 1.5kg, takeoff weight is 8.9 kg; the payload of ZT-30V is5 kg, takeoff weight is 22 kg. the payload of ZT-Z12 is 8 kg, takeoff weight is 12kg.