Triple redundant autopilot

Triple Redundant Autopilot

Three complete autopilot system working together for detecting system failure. When one or two autopilot function has problem,alternatively the left will take control and make sure safety of UAV
Against strong wind forces
Against high wind/moderate gale
(UAV Cruise)
Against moderate rain
Fixed-wing 3-axis gimbal,anti-vibration

Fixed-wing 3-axis Gimbal,Anti-vibration

Anti-wind resistance spherical design. The attitude algorithm combines Kalman state data of flight control, eliminate all the vibration from pitch, heading and image rotation to make sure image transferred clearly.
The pod-specific touch terminal perfectly integrates the physical button, joystick and touch screen supporting touch screen operation, lock and track the moving target just by one simple click on the screen.
AI technologies

AI Technologies

Automatic recognition and detection of vehicles and personnel;
Regular Software updates; Regional personnel density detection
and alarm functionality; Road/River monitoring functionality

Anti-interference inertial navigation system

Anti-interference Inertial Navigation System

Navigation continuously calculate the position, the orientation, and the velocity
(direction and speed of movement) of a moving object without external references.
By this feature, aircraft can return to landing point safely without satellite signal.
The margin of error is 1%.

30km Image, data and voice integrated data link

30km Image, Data and Voice Integrated Data Link

Data base comprises multi-based station supporting wireless distance roaming;
security inspection and remote call of monitoring.

Automated route planning

Automated Route Planning

Powerful ground station control system; Humanized interactive interface.
Fully automated operation mode and half operation mode seamless switching;
Online parameter adjustment; Automated Identify no-flight zone under the line.

High strength composite materials

High Strength Composite Materials

The body is made of high-strength composite material, which is
against to abrasion, high strength and wind resistance.